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Reduce undereye bags

What's a Cold Roller?

Cold rolling is a technique which has been used inside the world of aesthetics during various treatments to reduce heat from a Micro-needling session or soothe skin after a high level peel series. Skincare Specialist recognize and see the amazing benefits on clients in multiple ways.

With immediate results, you can depuff under eye bags, reduce all over swelling in the tissue and redness with just a simple technique. Our favorite cold roller is from Glow Skincare L.A with its sleek design & weighted stainless steel roller which is non-porous making cleaning a breeze and sanitation for the treatment room meet state-board standards a total must have!

To use simply cleanse your skin with a double cleanse, tone and apply your serums then start rolling as this will infuse them deeper into your skin layers. When used daily you will notice a more tone jawline and less wrinkles as you increase the blood flow and stimulate the tissue to under the surface. Skin becomes more absorbent and you will notice increased hydration while you turn back time.

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