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Daily GEM Vitamin

As an Esthetician it is our job to understand the body in order to provide skincare regimens that bring results. Understanding how our gut health can reflect in our skin conditions is why I highly recommend Daily GEM to my clients, this amazing new whole food vitamin is geared towards women's needs and made from clean whole food ingredients.

In my skincare practice I use only clean ingredients in our treatments and GEM vitamins have the same core values also using similar ingredients that are found in our nutritional skincare treatments and masks which is why I love them! Minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants, etc. are key to our bodies’ optimal operation. GEM comes in 3 flavors: cacao, lemon and peppermint. My personal favorite and recommendation is the cacao, learn more about Daily GEM and click the link below to save $20 on your first order!


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